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 bones 3

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MensajeTema: bones 3   Mar Jul 07, 2015 1:43 pm

Why are we doing this?
Thanks to you, our last two Kickstarters were an amazing success! We’ve added over 500 new models to the Bones range, and we’ve discovered that these products are monstrously popular. You wanted more! More Monsters! More Demons! More Dragons! More Characters! More variety and more amazing new models!
You're in luck! We haven’t even scratched the surface. We have many more models that we think deserve to be added to Bones - new sculpts and classic favorites from our metal lines! We’d like to see if you think so, too!
Bones are still really expensive to produce, and we still need your help to expand the line. Your support makes the molds that we need to produce the figures, and in exchange you get the first crack at these figures for a fantastic deal!
What's in it for me?
We’ve learned a lot since we fulfilled our first two Bones Kickstarter projects, so you won’t find as many pledge levels. You won't find as many confusing options.  Turns out that most of you just wanted the core set with the potential to expand over time. What this Kickstarter will do is add 30 more models: character models, new sculpts, and monsters. After we hit our goal, we have plans to make the value of your pledge grow.
All we need is your support.
What Are Bones Gaming Miniatures?
Bones are only the best high-quality plastic gaming models to hit the industry in the last decade. Inexpensive, high quality, soft gaming models that are easy and fun to paint and won't break when you actually use them for games!
Additional Stretch Goals

We will add these 4 Orc models to your Core Set rewards once we reach $60,000 raised

This reward will be an Optional Reward you may add for an additional $15 once we reach $90,000 raised

Riesgos y desafíos

Risks and challenges
What are the risks and challenges that come with completing your project, and how are you qualified to overcome them?
For a project like ours, the risks and challenges fall into three categories: 
1) Overall Non-completion 
2) Delays in meeting our estimated delivery dates 
3) We do not produce a specific model or change a specific model.

Concerning the risk of Overall Non-completion: we've already completed two massive Kickstarters and are fully aware of the pitfalls. Two things that could cause the non-completion of this Kickstarter are either the loss of our inbound shipments (due to an act of God, pirates or war), or a massive disaster (fire, flood) that levels our facility. Either of those events might be disastrous, however we carry full insurance on our facility and insure every shipment, no matter the size, against loss and damage.
Obviously either of the above tragic events would create delays in meeting our estimated delivery dates, and that brings us to the second category: delays. We learned a lot during our two Kickstarters. However, delays are simply part of the cycle of business and it is our wisdom, training, and experience that would help us mitigate and work through any delay. Some delays are easy to solve, such as replacing a printer that is creating barcodes that a particular USPS hub is having a problem reading. Other delays are out of our hands, such as the 2014-2015 longshoreman west coast work slow down that delayed all of our overseas containers. We have even intentionally created delays when we chose to change models already in production to make them better.
Lastly there is the risk we will not produce a specific model shown. This will only occur if there is not enough interest in a specific model measured by the number of backers that actually pledge for to buy it verses the cost to produce it. This event did not occur in either of our previous Kickstarters, but is nonetheless still a risk. In the event this situation develops we will issue a refund or credit depending on your desire for the buy in pledge amount of the model.
We reserve the right to modify pieces shown to meet production requirements.
In summary we have the knowledge, wisdom and know how to prevent, solve, and work through just about any problem that we will face and will do everything possible to make this an exciting and enjoyable event.
[url=https://www.kickstarter.com/help/faq/kickstarter basics#Acco]Más información sobre el concepto de responsabilidad en Kickstarter[/url]

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Flagelante Feliz

Club : Flagelante Feliz
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MensajeTema: Re: bones 3   Lun Jul 27, 2015 12:26 pm

reaper tiene muy buenas miniaturas, lastima que esten tan enfocados en bones, imagino que es su idea del millon de dolares (literalmente) pero no me gusta mucho ese caucho que usan, tampoco que es muy rara la miniatura de bones que no esta en metal.
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Flagelante Feliz

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MensajeTema: Re: bones 3   Mar Jul 28, 2015 10:57 am

Sin embargo, para los que han participado en los kickstarter anteriores, creo que salen muy baratos los lotes de bones.
Por ejemplo el Rasta en el Sofa del año pasado tenia una bolsada de eso, para los mini cursos de pintura y según eso le salian por precio de huevo.

Exiliados de Zharr Naggrund
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Flagelante Feliz

Club : Flagelante Feliz
Mensajes : 1577

MensajeTema: Re: bones 3   Mar Jul 28, 2015 6:03 pm

eso si es una muy buena forma de conseguir miniaturas en grandes cantidades
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bones 3
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